Lucas Morten




        In the borderland where seemingly functional furnitures meets the visions of an artist, what arises? Us.

An art and design sphere standing far from the increasingly modern and technological world where more efficient production lines are created with greater precision and larger editions. Instead, we explore what can be found in the fragility of being a human with all the imperfections, emotions and inconsistency that comes with that. Like in a painting where you clearly can see the brushstrokes deeply scarring through the color, we wish to leave our objects with an humanitarian trace. In the yet unexplored grey zone betwen art and design, we create multidimensional works of art that not only can be viewed through sight but also physically interacted with. Our aim is neither to create a comfortable piece of furniture or a one-dimensional painting hanging on a wall, but an object that is something in between. An object that is numbered and comes in a handmade limited edition where one objects does not resemble the other. Beauty is defined differently by different people but for us, beauty is linked to the humans spectrum of emotions.

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